Have A Clear Out & Help The Homeless


When it’s cold, wet, windy and dark out the last place you want to be is roughing it outdoors. But for thousands of people in the UK, they have no other option. Homelessness remains a huge problem, and at Milestone we’re proud to be doing our bit in easing the suffering of those on the streets this winter. The simple act of donating your old, but in good condition, camping equipment can transform the reality of homelessness. A sleeping bag and a tent mean warmth, shelter and safety on the hills, and on the streets.

What Can You do?

Donations don’t need to be big. Woolly hats, gloves, scarves and socks aren’t extravagant but they really are essential. Consider a good clear out of your old outdoor gear and you might be surprised what you have laying around unused. Anything that’s still in good condition will be appreciated.

That warm, waterproof, windproof coat you’ve been meaning to eBay for ages but haven’t got round to doing anything about? It could keep someone warm and dry this winter. Thinking about upgrading your sleeping bag this year? Don’t dump your old one if there’s nothing wrong with it! Donate it to your local homeless shelter. It will be very gladly accepted and very much appreciated. Same goes for your tent. We were really happy to see donated Milestone tents being used by the homeless community of Liverpool recently, one small act of kindness really can help other humans.

Of course it’s also much better for the environment to reuse what we already have, reduce our waste going to landfill, and recycle as much as possible! So even if your old tent might seem past its best and not fit for donation, the pegs and poles could be used again. The same goes for your clothes and shoes. Just because a pair of boots are too worn to offer adequate support for a mountain hike doesn’t mean they won’t be toasty warm for someone else. And it goes without saying that anything which no longer fits you will fit another person.