Camping Abroad Extend Your Summer


With the start of September here it’s easy to think that Summer might be officially over. Fear not! If you’re up for an adventure there’s still plenty of summertime camp-perfection to be had, and you don’t even need to travel far to find it. Grab some friends, pack up your kit and hit the continent for balmy daytime temperatures and evenings spent snuggled up stargazing. Tempting, isn’t it? Or even go long haul and enjoy a Southern Hemisphere springtime just as everyone at home is reaching for their woollies and hot water bottles. If you’re a strictly fair-weather camper then heading abroad is the easiest way to extend your summer season in style. Europe has some amazing camping with the all-in cost coming in at less than a pumpkin spiced latte habit. From mountains, rivers and forests to beaches, pools and nightclubs there’s a September under canvas for everyone (except, not actually under canvas, because we’re not Girl Guides in 1970).

So what are you waiting for? Squeeze in a few days abroad before you head back to work or uni and stretch out your summer like a pro with some of our tried and tested tips and advice:

 1. Make the most of weight allowances and use an ultra-lightweight tent like this one which is only 2.2kg! In total! Lightweight and compact are two of our favourite camping words (after sunshine), leaving you with plenty of room for all your summer essentials.

Remember tent pegs cannot be taken as hand luggage on planes (but they can be checked into the hold)

2. Planning to BBQ? It is still summer after all and who doesn’t love the ease of sitting back with a crackling disposable barbecue as the sun sets? Check local laws before you set up though as there can be hefty penalties for any fires lit in some areas during the dry summer months. Our advice? Keep all naked flames to an absolute minimum, and only in a controlled environment. Take precautions where and how you do light a fire or barbecue as one smouldering, discarded match could spell disaster for your trip! Get the barbie going safely and quickly with a wind proof lighter, and always take a disposable barbecue away with you - do not bury it!!! 

Myles Tan

Myles Tan

3. Not sure what the cooler night-time temps will feel like after a scorcher of a summer? Pack your sleeping bag but also throw a fleecy sleeping bag liner in. This gives you three sleeping options: just the liner / just the sleeping bag / or sleeping bag and liner. It also comes in at less than 700g in weight so easily earns its place in your kit bag.

4. Want to impress with your culinary flair? There’s a whole world of camp food inspo online and things have moved on from cold beans out of a can (if you remembered the can opener…) and reconstituted packs of brown mush from DofE days. Keep things fresh by exploring local markets for fruit and veggies for some knockout rainbow salads, perfect after a day in the sun. Serve on a stylish practical camp-proof Mess Set and you’re more than insta-ready.

5. Wondering if your usual city-break wheelie suitcase qualifies as a kit bag? Whilst it would probably be okay for *some* European campsites (we’re thinking the ones with tarmac roads, wifi, and shops and bars on site), we wouldn’t take it venturing anywhere off-road. Instead, look convincingly the part with a decent sized duffel bag to keep everything in. And it’s waterproof! For all those water fights you’ll be having in the late summer sun, obviously...

Roxanne Desgagnes

Roxanne Desgagnes

6. Speaking of water, don’t forget to stay hydrated! We love a collapsible drinks dispenser for its decent capacity when full (3.5 litres) but lack of precious weight when empty (358g). It’s also much better for the environment to re-use this container rather than buying bottles and bottles of water, plus in some European countries you have to pay a 25c charge per plastic bottle. Not to mention that it’s extremely versatile, did someone say self-serve camp-cocktails to see the summer evenings out in style?

7. Still worried about your weight allowance? Look at your big items (after a tent and sleeping bag) and reduce them, either by sharing the load with your camp mates or by packing smartly. Did you know that even when dry a standard bath towel (which you’ll want if you’re hitting somewhere with a beach or pool) weighs about 700g? Keep the luxury of a massive towel but reduce the weight significantly by investing in a microfibre towel instead, why not invest in two? At only 141g each you can keep the holiday vibe with a designated beach towel and stay smelling fresh as a daisy with a shower towel.

Wil Stewart

Wil Stewart

One final note…

Milestone Camping asks you to be aware of the natural habitats in which you’re residing, recycle where possible and leave no trace of your visit as you head off home. Happy environments mean happy camping.

Thought of something else you need? Check out our extensive catalogue of Milestone Camping products on Amazon, here.