Top 5 camping recipe ideas

Campfire cooking unites the group and there’s nothing better than gathering everyone round in the morning for a coffee and a bacon butty or settling down for the evening to a tasty meal. We’re here to provide you with some quick and easy recipes — camping cuisine doesn’t have to be boring, Gordon Ramsay, step aside!

📷: Myles Tan

📷: Myles Tan

1. The baked potato

Less is more and it’s common knowledge that a classic baked potato is hard to beat. Make up the parcels (potato (pricked with a fork), a little butter and some seasoning, in a foil cocoon) and place them in the heat until soft, then unwrap the little bundles of joy and serve with a knob of butter. Alternatively, choose one of the many toppings that go perfectly with a jacket potato, baked beans are always a winner! Minimal effort, maximum flavour.

We know you’re thinking about that butter melting into the fluffy potato like something from an M&S advert…

Cooking time: approx. 45 mins

📷: Lum3n

📷: Lum3n

2. Fish in foil

Light, fresh and quick! Cooking fish in foil guarantees heaps of flavour as all of the juices are retained, and you can finish it off on the grill if you want that smoky flavour too. Serve in the foil with the delicious juices alongside your sides of choice, it’s a tried and tested success.

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3. All the veg!

Vegetables are very versatile and always bring bags of flavour to the table. Here we’ve got two options for you…

Corn on the cob — remove the husks, boil in some water to soften and then let the coals do their job. Once chargrilled to perfection, smother in butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper and dive straight in. For the finer details have a quick search on Google and see which recipe tickles your fancy.

Roasted vegetable parcels — we see a theme is starting to develop here! Pile wedges of red onion, peppers, chopped garlic cloves, courgette and a drizzle of olive oil into a foil pouch, season, seal and let the heat of the fire do the rest. You’ll know it’s ready once the veg is soft and smells delicious.

📷: Tegan Mierle

📷: Tegan Mierle

4. Skewers, lots of skewers

Charcoaled meat, veg, halloumi — our mouths are watering just thinking about it. The best thing about kebabs is how interchangeable they are based on what you fancy, and the fact that you can instantly switch things up with a drizzle of marinade is a big bonus too. They’re also coincidentally easy to eat which means less washing up!

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5. Who isn’t crepe crazy?

Perfect as a snack, a breakfast treat, or even with savoury toppings for dinner, the versatile pancake leaves you with a wealth of options, only requires a couple of ingredients and the mixture can be pre-made at home. Who’s the best at flipping?!

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📷: Lexi Ruskell

📷: Lexi Ruskell

Flavour doesn’t have to be complicated and after all, camping is all about an easy life. As campers we love to share our tips and tricks, so feel free to share away. Don’t think we’ve forgotten the beloved s’mores, it goes without saying these delicious treats will make at least one appearance during your trip. Gather round, cook your favourite foods and make the most of your outdoor adventure. We’ve even compiled a short list of essentials (below) to get you started, you can thank us later.

📷: Jessica Ruscello

📷: Jessica Ruscello

Your cooking essentials…




Wind-proof lighter

Mess sets

Whistling kettle

A table for prep



Heavy duty aluminium foil

Chopping board

Heat proof gloves

One final note…

Milestone Camping asks you to be aware of the natural habitats in which you’re residing, recycle where possible and leave no trace of your visit as you head off home. Happy environments mean happy camping.

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