The top 10 Milestone Camping life hacks

As much as we love camping, let’s admit it, we’re all ears for anything that makes life easier. Thanks to the wonders of the internet we can now all share our top tips for making the outdoor life simple, and hence, even more enjoyable. You’ll also have more time to spend doing the things you want to do if you keep these tricks up your sleeve. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share away, this one’s by campers, for campers.

📷 : Scott Goodwill

📷: Scott Goodwill

1. A pop up tent — not an experienced instruction follower, or frankly don’t have the patience? Maybe you’re just looking for an easy life? If so, this one’s for you. Save both time and energy!

2. Foam floor tiles — whilst these might be designed for a children’s playroom, they will serve you well in creating a soft floor inside your tent. They’re also very light so won’t add much to your load.

3. An LED lantern — remember, nights in the countryside are extremely dark. Take a lantern with you and hang it up inside your tent, that way it will have its designated space and always be there to flick on when the sun has set. This one is very bright, lightweight and comes with batteries — just what we like to hear.

📷 : Jorge Flores

📷: Jorge Flores

4. A foil lined camping mat — as we said earlier, this blog is all about providing you with solutions. Protect yourself from the cold ground and get comfy too.

5. Meal prep — you know what it’s like when you get on holiday, you just want to relax. Prep your first night’s dinner, freeze it and keep it in a cool bag all day (with some ice blocks too). Once it’s fully defrosted you can warm it up on the stove. Voilà, dinner is served.

📷 : Tim Wright

📷: Tim Wright

6. Take your very own shower — you can have this set up in 5 minutes, all you need is a portable shower tent and a solar shower filled with water. Leave the shower in the sun to heat up and in no time at all you’ve transformed camping into glamping.

7. A toy organiser — as long as you have somewhere in the tent to hang this up, it’ll ensure your tent is a home from home. Save yourself from trawling through bags of stuff, you can store anything (providing it’s not too heavy) in these multifunctional hangings.

8. A seat and table 2 in 1 — the second occurrence of a 2 in 1 contraption! This stool has a clip-on table top meaning camping cuisine prep has never been easier. Once you’re finished pop the top off, kick back and relax.

📷 : Josh Campbell

📷: Josh Campbell

9. Tortilla chips — yes, that’s right. They’re a great fire starter due to the amount of fat they contain and you can keep some back to snack on too. You can buy standard tortilla chips from most supermarkets, the cheap un-branded ones will do just fine and when you’ve got a windproof lighter to help you as well, the fire will be roaring in no time.

10. A tent peg remover — this device may be small but it’s a good one to have. Whether you’re on the move or heading home, packing up will go a lot smoother if you have one of these to hand.

So, as you can see, there are lots of ways to make the camping experience stress-free from start to finish. The best thing about life hacks is sharing them and we hope we’ve managed to contribute to making your next adventure run smoothly. Now, share away, exchange life hacks and get that tent pitch booked!

📷 : Robin Bye

📷: Robin Bye

One final note…

Milestone Camping asks you to be aware of the natural habitats in which you’re residing, recycle where possible and leave no trace of your visit as you head off home. Happy environments mean happy camping.

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