Milestone Camping’s Ultimate Festival Checklist

📷: Marvin Meyer

📷:Marvin Meyer

Festival season is almost upon us and you know what that means, festival checklists begin to rear their heads, so here we are with ours! We’ve been racking our brains here at Milestone Camping to bring you the most comprehensive festival inventory going. Whether you’re an over-packer or take more of a minimalist approach, the main thing to remember is to only take as much as you can physically carry (or push). The walk from the entrance to the campsites is generally a hefty one, so whilst you need to ensure you have everything you’ll need, pack as lightly as possible and leave those unnecessary extras at home. Example: Do you really need an industrial-sized dry shampoo? Surely a miniature will suffice!  

The list may be long but your bank account will be thanking you if you’re the organised kind (which we’re assuming you are if you’re reading this), as buying bits and bobs once you arrive can cost an arm and a leg.

Now, Amazon accounts at the ready…



·   Your ticket (you really won’t be getting far without it)
·   Travel information and confirmations/tickets
·   ID
·   Money (cash and bank card) – cash machine queues are no fun at festivals
·   Tent


📷:  John Such

📷: John Such

·   Tent – so important it’s on here twice
·   Sleeping bag
Camping chair – the bronze, silver and gold of festival thrones, choose wisely:
·   Stool
·   Standard chair
·   Moon chair

Something to sleep on – bronze, silver, gold again:
·   Camping mat
·   Self-inflating mat (somewhere in between a camping mat and an air bed)
·   Air bed (double or single) and remember a pump too

·   Inflatable pillow – many people say a rolled up jumper does the job but we                         disagree, nobody wants to wake up with a stiff neck in the middle of a field
·   Accessory set
·   Rubber mallet – included in the above, but a necessity nevertheless

·   An LED torch is great for when you’re on the move (remember to take batteries &              spares).

·   Tent repair tape – plus it’s useful for many more things than just tent repairs
·   Heavy duty back pack
·   Toilet seat covers – if you know, you know. If you don’t, take our advice, you’ll be               glad of it!

Food & drink

·   Water carrier or Jerry can
·   Reusable water bottle
·   Stove & gas canisters – check stoves are permitted at your festival
·   Lighter – this one’s even wind proof!
·   Festival cooking mess set – get those noodles on the go, this is a smaller alternative        to the stove
·   Most importantly in this section – food to cook, plus snacks (individually wrapped              brioche never goes amiss) and remember anything you may need to open food                i.e. a tin opener


·   Trolley – literally lifting a weight off your shoulders
·   First aid kit – with the hope you don’t actually need to use it
·   Camping shower/shower tent – if you’re not too fussy, baby wipes do the job fine
·   Microfiber towel
·   Portable phone charger – fully charged, of course
·   Phone
·   Charging cable  



📷:  Krists Luhaers

📷: Krists Luhaers

·   Wellies – let’s be realistic, it’s the UK, not Coachella
·   Trainers/boots
·   Waterproof jacket – waterproof, not showerproof, there’s a big difference!
·   Poncho – trust us, they’re always handy to have  
·   Clothes
·   Socks/underwear
·   Smaller rucksack for day to day use
·   Hat – you never know, the sun may make an appearance


Everything else… (no, we’re not quite done yet!)   

📷:  Yvette de Wit

📷: Yvette de Wit

·    Ear plugs/eye mask
·    Toiletries
·    Deodorant is a must
·    Festival toothbrush (with a cover, genius, right?)/toothpaste
·    Toilet roll
·    Antibacterial hand gel – the festival saviour
·    Alcohol – straight on the trolley
·    Sunglasses/sun cream – as we said, prepare for all seasons
·    Dry shampoo – the festival saviour’s second in command
·    Medication, plus spares
·    Glasses/contact lenses/contact lens solution
·    Hair brush
·    Plastic bags/bin bags – an essential for clearing up


Remember, glass or aerosols aren’t permitted. Check your festival’s FAQ/’what to bring’ pages for their specific regulations.

Nothing says British summer quite like a festival does it? Whatever the weather may bring, we’re prepared for it and there’s something so encapsulating about the festival atmosphere that it doesn’t matter if it’s pouring from the heavens or cracking the flags, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Hopefully you’ve found our (long) list helpful and have everything you need, or at least ordered.


📷:  Ezra Jeffrey

📷: Ezra Jeffrey

One final note…

Milestone Camping asks you to be aware of the habitats in which you’re residing, recycle where possible and leave no trace of your visit as you head off home. Happy environments mean happy camping. 

Thought of something else you need? Check out our extensive catalogue of Milestone Camping products on Amazon, here.